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Looking to buy a holiday cottage?

Ready to start on your second home adventure?

Let us help you find and rent that dream home.

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Helping you from property search

to great guest reviews


Finding the home that suits your particular needs

Not every home is suitable for every couple, individual or family. Each has its own requirements that the home must satisfy.

We help identify and assess what is and is not right about selected properties.


Over 20 years experience in the rental world

We have over 20 years experience in the holiday rental world from owning our own portfolios, to owning and running rental agencies. 

There are many pitfalls and shortcuts to get the best results whether you choose and agency or go it alone.


Presentation, amenities, photography, decor

The best results on rental income come down to many simple rules on guest demographic and presentation for both furnishing and purchase.

Understanding the refinements needed to keep guests happy and coming back is all about exceeding expectations.

A little about us


Rental obsessed, prices, marketing, income, software, strategy

I am a co-founder of a rental technology software business and a holiday rental consultancy.

With my wife, I  also owned and ran a Devon based holiday home agency with over 100 properties and an overseas agency that grew to over 1000 properties.

To say that holiday properties and rentals are in our DNA would be a fair statement. We live and breath all parts of the business.


Presentation, guest management, interior design, developments

I'm a Devon-based freelance photographer of commercial interiors, architecture, portraiture and undertake contract interior design work.

Prior to this I ran and owned a successful Devon holiday rental agency established after the sale of a private portfolio of sea and lakeside properties.

Working with estate agents, architects, holiday home agencies and owners I help craft and present great holiday homes for private owners.

How we work

We bring many skills and help piece the rental jigsaw together

We are here to primarily assist in finding a suitable property in the South West of England and deliver a great rental income.


We can assist and advise on all the elements that go into a successful holiday rental.


We help avoid the many pitfalls of property selection and all the vagaries of presentation, marketing, choice of agencies or management or how to go it alone.


“Owning a second home for holiday rentals is a dream for many. If you wish to realise the dream then get in touch for a chat”

An initial hours chat is completely free.

Contact us for a free chat on how we can help you

Thanks for sending your details

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