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2021 is all about self catering domestic holidays

What to buy and where

Not everyone wants to buy the same type of property in the same location. Some properties are much more desirable to guests than others depending on their holiday preferences. These graphs below are from Sykes Cottages, the UK's largest rental agent with over 20,000 properties in 2021.

Preferred Property types

Types of Properties

As you can see from the graph on the left the figures shown by Sykes Cottages illustrates the interest on their website (millions of visits) for different types of properties. Log cabins are leading the way even though the UK is not actually famous for them!

Barns, cottages, houses etc all do well!

Holiday Rental Accommodation

Where to buy

The screenshot to the right shows the destinations that are performing better in 2021 for Sykes Cottages. This is mid-Covid of course and this influencing results, but the perennial places such as Devon and Cornwall always do well and see great occupancy.

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