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Buying a second home is not a task to be undertaken lightly, especially as a second home which may also be rented to holidaymakers. There are many elements that need consideration when purchasing, fitting out, managing and marketing your holiday home.

Second Homes are often purchased as investments or for family getaways, or both. Certainly, holiday homes have become much more popular and are mainstream accommodation.


Low-interest rates and great demand have accelerated interest in the sector, but the unwary can make expensive mistakes in purchasing and renting to guests. We are here to ensure that does not happen. 

  • Property Selection

    Property location, internal and external format, décor and more are some of the considerations.

    We work with you and the agents  or owner to ensure the property  is fit for purpose.

  • Finance

    We are not financiers or lawyers, but we know a lot of respected companies and can help connect. We all experienced issues here!


    Don't forget the tax benefits of holiday rentals either.

  • Setting up

    Buying the property is often the easiest part of the process. Making it ready for holiday letting can be very stressful and time consuming task.


    We have done this many times and there are short-cuts

  • Marketing & Booking

    Having a good property that is ready to rent is the first stage. Competing for eyeballs online and converting these to bookings is a challenge.

    We are experts in this area too even if we say so!

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