• Richard Vaughton

June 21st! Time to start seeking a second home?

Is June 21st 2021, Midsummers Day. Is this the final throes of Covid's influence on the UK's ambitions to breakout and get back to some form of normality?

The number of people having a "StayCation" has increased substantially and is predicted to become more popular. Brexit's travel effects and poor European vaccination uptakes will ensure that we will see more domestic travel.

Also consider the electric car transition and charging panic on non hybrids. Many people are a little concerned about their continental driving jaunts when charging may be a problem. Then there is towing the caravan, a big drain on a e-car, but will presumably have its own spare batteries.

Covid has also made travellers and destinations more inventive on experiences with the great outdoors becoming more and more popular.

Now consider the returns on interest-only investments. With interest rates so low and unlikely to change in the near future, then bricks and mortar which can realize a decent income and be used for private enjoyment make so much sense and why this is a an increasingly popular option.

If you are seeking a second home and have little or no knowledge of what goes into makin them a successful holiday rental too, then drop us a line for a no-commitment chat.

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